Lot 20 Legislation - Cabsite Buildings

From 1st January 2019 all space heaters manufactured and sold within the EU, which use electricity, gas or liquid fuels must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. In line with the European Ecodesign directive (2009/125/EC). Lot 20 is specifically related to local space heaters, storage heaters, electric radiators, radiant heaters and underfloor heating. As electric heating is used throughout the portable and modular buildings in standard terms the aim is to remove any inefficient technologies and reduce the energy use of those specific products in order to help achieve our overall carbon reduction targets.

Energy efficiency has always been a very important factor to us ethically but also to offer our customers advantages. Our building design has always incorporated much more than just the basic and all insulation used has always been to a much higher than average ‘standard’ to ensure maximum heat retention.

That is also the case with the introduction of LED lighting throughout as standard and now with our improving the electrical heating element. Also within our standard designs and being immediately compliant to this new legislation ensures your new or refurbished cabin or modular building is a higher performing, much more comfortable workspace costing much less to operate!

To the end, in addition, we always have offered and installed better performing electrical components as new improved technology becomes available and will continue to do so.

How does this affect your Cabin or Building?

As heaters within portable and modular buildings now need to be compliant with this legislation all throughout our ranges will now include them as standard. There is no need to replace your current heating appliances but when sourcing a new portable or modular building we have removed that concern.

So, moving forward Cabsite Portable Building Sales Ltd will only be installing heating appliances that are in line with this new legislation in all our portable cabins and modular buildings.

Our ‘Elite’ range specification as standard includes an increased density of insulation resulting in maximum efficiency and cost savings. It’s independently tested to prove it outperform all studied comparison competitor’s products!

The wall mounted electric panel convector heaters we will be installing in our new portable and modular buildings in order to meet this new legislation will be digitally controlled with electronic timer modes and be sourced from various manufacturers having the following typical specification:

• 7 Day programmable user timer providing flexibility. Four time slots are available through the day and daily operation can be customised.

• Other pre-programmed options are out all day, this has a preset time Monday to Sunday, which can be altered if desired 7:00 until 8:30, 17:30 until 22:00. Home all day is preset times of Monday to Sunday 8:00 until 21:00. The holiday setting allows you to select the number of days required for from 1 to 300 and the minimum temperature required.

Continuous heat modes:

• Timer (as above)

• Eco mode maintains a room temperature of 18°c. By reducing the room temperature by only a few degrees can result in significant energy saving. This option gives you a green display colour, which indicates that the selected temperature provides a comfortable temperature while still reducing energy consumption.

• Manual mode sets the heat to a comfortable room temperature of 21°c

• Frost protection maintains the room temperature at 7°c. This enables you to provide protection against the frost an indicated by the blue display.

• Runback setting allows the user to activate a timed heating period by pressing the advance button when the appliance is in standby mode. The setting of the timed hearing period, duration and temperature can be configured in Runback settings. Runback is a default setting.

• Adaptive start allows you to pre-heat a room ready for the heating to be ready at the desired time. For example, if the heater is set to be 21°c at 7am this would allow the heater to begin heating before 7am to achieve 21° at 7am. Without adaptive start the heater will only begin heating at 7am.

• Off, will allow you to override all of the above settings and switch the unit off completely.

The units are also fitted with open window detection monitors the room temperature while the heater attempts to achieve the desired room temperature. If the room temperature does not change or decreases while heat is being emitted the product will stop heating and enter a standby mode to ensure no waste in energy.

To summaries this unit has

• Electronic 7 day programmable timer

• Open window detection

• Pre-flexed 1.3m cable (no fitted plug)

• Class 1 – earth connection required

• Splash-proof for use in bathrooms

• Thermal safety cut out

• Complies with lot 20 of the ERP Directive

• Metal Chassis, air outlet grille & control molding

• 1 year guarantee

• BEAB approved

• CE approved.

Will Brexit affect this legislation?

Either way the Ecodesign directive will be upheld within the UK, so it is very unlikely that lot 20 will be scrapped. Lot 20 has come into force before we leave the EU and trade will be heavily reliant on providing products of similar standard. The main aim of this legislation is to reduce the UK’s overall carbon footprint and in the long run this will save you money.