Modular Buildings

‘Modular’ buildings are individual units which are designed and built to stand alone or connect together on site in single or multiple sections and levels to create a larger environment, more comparable to a traditional structure than a single portable cabin.

We manufacture in-house our own new ‘Elite’ modular product which is designed to be of a higher quality and specification and is proven to outperform those from the major manufacturers. We take pride in what we do, working hard to develop our reputation and our product to ensure our prices are competitive.

Our professional team will happily discuss your needs and the options and then design, manufacture, deliver and install bespoke modern, high specification and energy-efficient modular solutions with a minimum of disruption, tailored to your express needs.

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‘Elite’ modular buildings are so convenient and versatile the only limitation is your imagination! They comply, are a quick option, adaptable and very durable. Used in all manner of environments they offer much more than simple temporary space the concept is being used more and more in multiple applications throughout the building industry.

We have designed and built for the applications you would expect from office complexes incorporating single or multiple offices to meeting rooms, IT and storage, kitchens, changing rooms, shower and toilets areas, modular classrooms. Other examples of areas we have also provided food-safe and food preparation space, bars, entertainment and retail areas, laboratories, additional factory workspace, medical facilities, bespoke machinery operating buildings and accommodation to name just a few!

Some are used simply as temporary offices when renovations or expansions are taking place but more often now they are used as new and additional permanent spaces for businesses, schools and health care.

If you prefer or would like to consider used, second-hand modular buildings take a look at out Pre-Owned Buildings page. We also refurbish existing buildings owned by the customer.

Shown above are examples of our new build projects we have recently completed. Please get in touch for your free no-obligation quotation. Find out more about the Delivery & Installation of modular buildings