What are Modular Buildings? What are their functions?

For starters we will tell you what a modular building is :

A ‘modular’ building is a structure comprising of single or multiple sections which are purpose designed, engineered and manufactured at our factory and then assembled together on site. This provides an end-user with a larger flexible tailored space to exactly match their requirements. Each individual section is designed as part of an overall structure, all built to a high specification at our factory in Daventry then delivered to and assembled on site.

This structural concept is being increasingly adopted by constructors and in all manner of commercial or industrial environments such as an office complex or a warehouse for example.

Our galvanised steel framed modular buildings use any combination of built-up sections based on cold rolled formed elements to provide the structural steel framework designed to provide a building envelope which is high performance and as durable as many alternative methods.

Advantages of these type of buildings:

The main advantages are the speed of the design, manufacture and actual installation taken against traditional methods. Additionally, performing as exceptionally well as ours do and there being many options in regards finish available they are as modern, spacious and as comfortable working environments as any alternative and often far more cost effective.

Quality Control:

Each building is manufactured bespoke in our factory by our professional team under controlled conditions ensuring the highest quality standards are and meeting the build objectives is assured.


As we build tailored sections to exactly suit the requirement and are not restricted by having to only manufacture standardised sections our solutions offer every possible flexibility for our customers within the framework guaranteeing the maximum use of the available foot print.

Architectural Versatility:

Each of the modular buildings we manufacture can be supplied with many types of enhancements such as bespoke exterior claddings, glazing, specialised door systems, fascia’s and canopies to ensure a completely individualised outcome both externally and internally.

Low Maintenance:

The design of our modular buildings based on full steel galvanised underdrawn space frame and plastic coated steel external panels which amongst many other enhanced features ensures an anticipated 60-year life span with virtually no maintenance necessary.

Single Source Availability:

As the whole building package is supplied and managed by us from design to handover our network has fewer feature gaps therefore we can ensure all project parameters are closely controlled in order to meet the installation objectives.