Why choose refurbished modular buildings?

If you choose to purchase a refurbished modular building over a new option, the advantages are considerable in saving both time and money!

Rather than buying blind, as is often the case with pre-owned buildings, we provide a fully documented quality upgrade of the right type of sound building framework. This is essential to ensure we offer an effective durable long-term and viable solution and we guarantee our work.

To begin with, we provide a sound base structure and then can design and tailor in as much or as little as you would request from there. We have rebuilt and upgraded product from all the major manufacturer's types and specifications. Our knowledge and skills allow us to rejuvenate, modernise, modify and completely revamp any older types at competitive prices.

Any modular structure is flexible and can literally be used for any purpose. Offices, canteens and kitchens, changing areas, toilets, showers and educational spaces are just a few. We will design and tailor any building system to suit whatever your particular use is!

The benefits of purchasing a refurbished modular building:

  • Help the environment by reducing production costs saving the use of raw material and removing transportation impact from the production process and supply chain.
  • More sustainable approach to the construction of new modular buildings as simply put, refurbishing second-hand buildings creates less waste!
  • Reduce programme times by up to 50% when compared to traditional modular construction methods.
  • Save money and get more space!
  • We will tailor within the main body framework to meet individual requirements for style, comfort, size and layout as much or as little as you would require.
  • Many fittings and refurbishments can be done off-site and any work on-site can be done swiftly and safely, this ensures less operational impact.

When a modular building is no longer of any use, don’t write it off just yet. It may well be able to be refurbished to make an entirely new building.

We also offer a ‘trade in or buy back’ service so speak our sales team about these options.

We offer a full turnkey service, are here to help you through the entire project. With over 20 years of combined experience, we will professionally guide you from conception to completion.

If you are interested in discussing how we can assist you with a refurbished or new modular building, then please get in touch with our team and we will work out a solution for your needs.